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Wolf & Goddess

Tala Hotyk: Voice of the Wolves

Friends call me Tala
2 August 1965
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LEO is represented by the ancients as the Nemean Lion, which leaped down from the skies and was killed by Hercules. Leo is the emblem of violence and fury in the hieroglyphical writings. Properly, its destructive force is to destroy His enemies: darkness, evil and ignorance. In the ancient maps the lion is shown just above Hydra, the great dragon, with his claws about to rend the serpent. It also properly means to bring salvation (to bring light) to His people. Regel, or Regulus, a mighty fixed star in the heart of the Lion (now about 29° in Leo) just above the mighty paws, refers to "the feet that crush." It is said of the Messiah, "He shall tread upon the serpent, and trample the dragon under His feet." Leo is said to correspond to the prophet Hosea. The name of this angle or angel is Verchiel, and is one of the beasts of the cherubim. Jacob assigned this sign to the tribe of Judah (Genesis 49, 8-10) and the subsequent war-like and victorious energy of the tribe proved the allocation correct; likewise the same received remarkable fulfillment in David, in whom the lion-like nature was strikingly exhibited. The sacred writings abound in references to this king of beasts among which is the battle between Samson and the lion. "Samson" is Hebrew for 'solar'; Delilah, his mistress, means "ruler of the night," - the Moon. By the Hindus Leo is represented as rending a stone pillar asunder, as Samson (the Sun in Leo) pulled down the temple of Baal. Michael is the archangel of the Sun: angle or arc of Leo where Sun pours down his greatest heat. This is indicated in the esoteric significance of Jacob's struggle with the angel of the Lord. The Sun's heat is intense and in the struggle his legs bend, he wearies and his thighs give out; the allegory of smiting on the thighs. "As he passed over Penuel the Sun rose upon him, and he halted on his thigh." A mode of salutation is symbolic of this even now among the Obimen and Bushmen of Africa, also the Arabians.